Owl Post (incendio_owl) wrote,
Owl Post


With the Easter holiday approaching, I felt I should tell you that your mother and I have been working hard to arrange a get together of some important social figures and Minsitry officials for your benefit.  I shall be introducing you to them all in order to obtain a position for you within the Ministry.  I expect you to be on your absolute best behaviour for the entire break, but especially during the party, as this is your future at stake.  No running off to visit your little friends without permission, none of your insolence and sarcasm--for once, be the intelligent, charming young man I know you're capable of being, would you?

Unfortunately, previous obligations prevent your mother and I from retrieving you on Friday, so Charlotte has graciously offered to allow you the hospitality of her home for the evening, and shall meet you at King's Cross station.

The time has come for you to grow up and accept the responsibilites of adulthood.  Make me proud for once, son.

Your father,
Henry A. Boot
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