Owl Post (incendio_owl) wrote,
Owl Post

Dear Mr. Lupin,

Although we might have had some...disagreements....in the past, I believe it is time to put all that behind us. The recent events at Hogwarts have all too painfully proven that the current Auror department is not performing at the level it should be.

I believe that the Aurors need to learn the theory of the Dark Arts, so that Merlin forbid another situation like the one we have just finished should arise, that they may spend a great deal less time simply trying to identify the problem and more time on trying to find the solution. I also believe that Aurors need to be evaluated at least every two years to be assured that their skills are at least at the same level they were when they were first brought on, if not improved and possibly raising the guidelines for admission into the ranks.

I would like to offer you a position on a board that would revamp the Auror system. You would help to evaluate and re-write entrance examinations as necessary, help devise a recertification system for current Aurors, as well as teach both Aurors and members of the DMLE theory of the Dark Arts, as well as advanced Defense courses.

Salary is negotiable, but I am willing to pay twice your current pay at Hogwarts for your assistance.

No matter what we make think of each other, I have heard nothing but praise sung about you by those who opinions I can trust, and I hope that what I have heard is true.

Should you be interested in this offer, please send a reply as soon as you can, so that we may arrange a meeting to discuss this matter.

Lucius Malfoy
Minister of Magic
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