Owl Post (incendio_owl) wrote,
Owl Post


I was surprised by your letter, I must admit. That you would have the gall to try to just come back into our lives as if nothing had happened, as if your disgusting announcement had never happened...I'm ashamed of you, boy. If it were up to me, this owl would not have been sent, but poor Irene has been quite distraught. She hasn't been herself since Yule, and she begged me to respond to you, to 'give you another chance'. So you have your mother to thank for this, and by all the gods, Terrence, you'd better do so. You will be permitted to return home at the end of term, although we will have a very serious discussion upon your arrival. If you are to return to this family, there are several promises I would extract from you, first. I won't see you shame this family again, Terrence. Not for your mother's sake, or anyone else's.

However, I am somewhat pleased by the fact that you seem to be growing up, finally, and taking some responsibility. It's long past time for this, Terrence. Such nonsense as the scene you caused at Yule shall not happen again under my roof. If it does, if you insist on continuing in your immature, irresponsible behaviour, disinheritance would be a blessing compared to what I will do to you, lad.

That said, I would like to meet this girl you mentioned. Yes, I know of the Parkinsons, although I believe I've only met them on a few social occasions, but it is quite possible this young woman will be a most advantageous match for you. Once you return home, provided you are agreeable to the conditions I will set before you, we may discuss Miss Parkinson coming for a short visit, to meet your family, as is only right and proper.

Don't make me regret my generosity, my boy.

Henry Boot
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